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You Can Be Fined For Driving Too Slow – 10 Great Google Driving Answers

Drivers Driving offenses can lead to unlimited fines, 11 license points and even a complete driving ban if you are caught doing something illegal.

CEO and founder of car leasing company Vanarama, Andy Alderson, commented: “There are so many myths surrounding driving fines that it can be difficult for motorists to know what is true and what is not. ‘is not.

“It is essential that drivers know the correct information because the maximum penalty for committing a driving offense can be an unlimited fine, 11 points or even a prison sentence.”

To keep your money safe in your wallets and on the road, Vanarama answers 10 common questions about UK fines to help you avoid them, based on Google research.

1. Can you be fined for driving too slow?

Yes, unlimited fine and up to 11 points

Although there are no specific penalties for driving too slowly in the traffic regulations, you may receive a verbal warning from a police officer if your slow driving is considered a danger.

There are, however, point penalties for dangerous driving and reckless and reckless driving, which slow driving could fall into under extreme circumstances.

2. Can you be fined for driving in a bus lane?

Yes, fine of £90+

If you have been caught by CCTV driving in a bus lane during its operating hours, you may be eligible for a Penalty Notice (PCN). The amount of the fine varies across the UK and is usually £90, with the highest being in London at over £100. However, it should be noted that you get a 50% discount if you pay it early.

If the PCN is not paid within the stated number of days, you may receive a Certificate of Charge which increases the amount of the fine to £135.

3. Can you be fined for driving through a puddle?

No, unless you splash pedestrians

Driving through puddles can be unavoidable in some situations like on narrow roads. However, if you splash a pedestrian while crossing a puddle, you could be fined for reckless and reckless driving, which carries an unlimited fine and three to nine penalty points.

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is illegal to drive “without reasonable regard for other persons” as well as to “drive through a puddle causing splashing to pedestrians”.

4. Can you be fined for driving with fog lights on?

Yes, over £30 fine

You should only drive with the fog lights on when the weather is foggy and visibility is poor. Doing so at any other time is illegal and dangerous as it can affect other drivers’ vision of the road and interfere with the visibility of your brake lights. Because of this, it could land you a £30 fine.

According to traffic laws, you should only rely on your fog lights when you cannot see 100 yards in front of the car.

5. Can you be fined for driving without headlights?

Yes, up to £1000 fine and three points

While you may think your eyesight is unaffected at night while driving with one headlight on, it is extremely dangerous, especially if the other light also goes out. This can net you a fine of £100 and if you are caught again with the unresolved issue it can be up to £1000.

It is prohibited to drive on roads without headlights at night or when visibility is reduced. While the latter may seem ambiguous, it’s still a good idea to drive with your headlights on if you’re unsure. If you are caught with your lights off you can be hit with a fixed penalty notice (FPN) of £50.

6. Can you be fined for driving without a word?

Yes, up to a £2,500 fine, nine points and a driving ban

Driving your car after your MOT has expired is illegal. Being caught without a valid MOT certificate can land you a massive fine of up to £2,500, points on your license and even driving disqualification in extreme cases.

If you are involved in an accident without an MOT, all insurance claims could become void and you could be required to pay money that you might not otherwise have. Additionally, it is illegal to drive without valid insurance coverage, which could result in an unlimited fine, six to nine penalty points, or even a driving ban.

7. Can you be fined for driving on the hard shoulder?

Yes, £100 fine and three points

You should not drive in the hard shoulder unless directed by road signs, a traffic cop, or you are on a smart highway. You could end up with a £100 fine and three points on your license for using it illegally as a traffic lane.

8. Can you be fined for going through a red light?

Yes, £100 fine and three points

It can be tempting to increase your speed when approaching a traffic light, but the cost of not stopping at a red or amber light is usually a £100 fine and three points on your licence. If the light is orange as you approach it, the best thing to do is to start slowing down to avoid being startled by a police officer or traffic light cameras.

9. Can you be fined for driving in the middle lane?

Yes, up to an unlimited fine and 11 points

Grabbing the middle lane is a traffic offence. You should always try to drive in the left lane of a freeway unless you are passing other vehicles. Those caught ‘hogging’ risk a £100 fine and three penalty points. In extreme cases, you could even be charged with reckless driving – with an unlimited fine and three to 11 points on your licence.

10. Can you be fined for driving on a one-way street?

Yes, £100 fine and three points

Even though your GPS may be misdirecting you or you may have missed a one-way traffic sign, it is illegal to drive on a one-way road. You could be charged with careless driving and fined £100 and three penalty points.

If you realize that you are driving on a one-way street, the rules of the road say “you should not reverse your vehicle more than necessary”. The best advice is to stop and wait for a safe moment to turn around and head in the right direction.