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Wooburn Green speeding ticket: Mum’s plea amid misbehavior complaints near school

A mum who launched a safety campaign after her baby was involved in a hit-and-run accident outside their home in Wooburn Green has asked why the village had been ‘abandoned’ – as still nothing has been done anymore. ‘one year later.

The driver of the other vehicle involved is said to have been speeding and failed to stop at the scene, with Laura claiming to have noticed a ‘huge increase’ in the number of drivers exceeding the 30mph speed limit over the two years preceding the accident.

The petition called for better speed management systems to be put in place as the single speed camera is “simply not enough to control the increasing number of speeding vehicles on our long road which is now used as a race,” Laura said.

But 16 months later, and with Peter now three, still nothing has been done, despite the efforts of local councilors Stuart Wilson and Sophie Kayani.

Laura has now written to the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police and Beaconsfield MP Joy Morrissey, saying she is ‘saddened’ that people living along Wycombe Lane are still facing the same issues.

In her email, which is due to be discussed by advisers from Wooburn and Bourne End Parish Council’s Planning and Highways Committee on March 2, Laura said: ‘We have met with the parish council, I have spent weeks to seek security measures at a reasonable cost. and offered small business plans for possible solutions, I met Joy Morrissey this summer (who was verbally extremely supportive), did a radio appearance with my son and it was featured in the Bucks Free Press .

‘I had the support of Thames Valley Police and yet more than 16 months later our village is worse off than before.’

She added that even now her son – now aged three – is “regularly subjected to cars speeding up our sidewalks across the village since the lockdowns ended”.

She wrote: “And this…on a road where primary school children and prams come and go to school every day. The speed at which these cars travel is not only over the 30 mph limit, it exceeds 55 mph on numerous occasions. I know this because I undertook a simple speed test with two markers and a stopwatch.

“Our village community wants to work with you to make this happen, we want to have the speed measuring equipment we desperately need to run a speed monitoring campaign, we want the lights updated at the village zebra crossing (and the replaced one that was taken down when a car crashed into the pavement and overturned it months ago) so that cars don’t speed through them when parents with strollers are on the crossing.

“We want a speed reduction with a 20mph speed limit at set times when children from Wooburn Green Primary School come in and out of school.

“We want something done before there is a tragic accident that makes national headlines involving an innocent child.

“I would like to ask why our village of Wooburn Green has been let down in terms of pedestrian safety when other areas of Buckinghamshire have sufficient safety measures in place for their villagers and especially their children?”