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Woman is recovering after being shot at the wheel, police say

Tulsa police are investigating a drive-by shooting on I-244 near Yale.

Officers say a woman was shot in the stomach while driving down the freeway on Wednesday.

The victim told police she was driving eastbound on I-244 when she suddenly heard a popping noise and thought it was her tire. Then she looked down and saw that she had been shot.

This woman told police she was driving from Glencoe to Big Cabin to pick up a friend.

Investigators say the woman was shot while driving between the Harvard and Yale exits. They say a bullet went through the driver’s side door and into the victim’s stomach.

According to police, she was taken to hospital and is expected to be fine.

Sergeant Tyler Turnbough says investigators searched the area for shell casings but found none. He says it’s highly unusual for an innocent victim to be injured in a drive-by shooting in Tulsa.

“Just the coincidence of it all. Just a lady traveling from Glencoe, never been to Tulsa in her life according to herself, her statement, and driving down the road on the highway traveling to pick someone in a another nearby town and get shot at the door,” Turnbough said.

Police say they have no suspects at this time and are asking anyone with information to come forward.