Driving instructors

Woman disgusted by series of messages from her married driving instructor

A woman has claimed her driving instructor said inappropriate things to her – and says he even eventually asked her out. Rachel McKinley has gone viral on TikTok with her story of her lewd posts.

“What my driving instructor told me,” she captioned the video. She then rattled off a list of texts from the instructor – from “Hello foxy” to “Entertain me”.

He even asked them to “cheer each other up” when they were both feeling down. After she said she couldn’t take classes because she had gone out on a night out before, he texted her saying, “Haha fair play to you! Are you having fun?

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“I missed my chance for my drink so I did.” He also said she “owed” him a drink – and hinted she should buy him something for his birthday present.

In another cheeky post, he alluded to the two of them having a “quickie” in reference to a shortened lesson. “The last one was after he asked me out on a date and I said no,” Rachel said.

“So that’s £70 for today and £70 for your test day,” she added. “I feel like I made a good t*t of myself earlier asking you.” She added: “I wasn’t driving it. More like trying to make situations less awkward.

“I had very little time until my test and all the other instructors I messaged had no availability.” Worse still, Rachel claims the instructor had “a wife and kids.”

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