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Woman claims on TikTok that her driving instructor sent her strange messages

One of the posts hinted they had a ‘quick hit’

A 19-year-old woman from Aberdeen has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a series of inappropriate messages she allegedly received from her driving instructor before taking her driving test.

Rachel shared several screenshots of texts from her instructor in the video, saying, “What my driving instructor told me.” Rachel followed TikTok for full screenshots of their posts, to show what messages she sent and what her instructor replied. The original video amassed 2.7 million views on TikTok.

One of the messages shown was the instructor telling Rachell that she owed him two drinks. Rachel confirmed a driving lesson with him, and he replied, “That’s two drinks you owe me by the way.” Besides, I’ll be with you at four o’clock today. Rachel said, “Four is fine with me,” he replied and said, “Oh, you’re going to reply to this message. I mean, that’s two drinks, I’d say I deserve it at least. And I’ll buy you one.

Another message Rachel received was a series of persistent text messages from the number she claims is her instructor’s. He said, “So what are you doing today?” and when Rachel didn’t answer, he said, “And silence.” When she explained that she was busy with work, he apologized and told her to tell him to make one and she agreed. He responded and said, “Oh okay. Are you saying it now? Or is it only once you’ve made it?

Pictured is a screenshot of the texts between Rachel and the driving instructor

The messages then asked Rachel to entertain him after he was away from work for the day. He said, “I’m bored”, to which Rachel asked him if he had driving lessons, he replied, “No today for my birthday. Have fun.” Rachel says she had failed her driving test and was still sad about it, and the instructor offered that they could “cheer each other up.”

Pictured is a screenshot of the texts between Rachel and the driving instructor

When Rachel asked if she could have a shorter lesson with the instructor, he replied, “I didn’t know you did a quickie,” claiming he was just trying to laugh.

Another of the messages Rachel shared on TikTok with the driving instructor was that she thought she was late and overslept, to which he replied, “Booty call was it?”

Rachel has been contacted for comment.

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