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Watch: Kanoa Lloyd masters driving challenges with New Zealand’s top women in motorsport

Chittenden is one of the most famous female figures in the motoring and karting industry, and with a heritage in motor racing, her career highlights include being the first woman to win a British National Karting Championship. Tiffany also coaches Kart NZ’s four current junior champions.

Look at the third challenge.

By taking on the challenges, Kanoa set the tone for other women breaking convention, showing that anyone can appreciate high-performance vehicles.

“She did a really good job. She was really impressive, especially considering she’s only had her driver’s license for about six months,” said Rianna, one of her trainers.

“She seemed a bit nervous when she hit 230 km/h, but I would be too if I didn’t do it regularly! It was great to see how happy she was to take on the challenge – such a cool experience! “

The experience highlighted what Kanoa already knew about female drivers, though Jaguar’s research shows many Kiwis remain clueless.

“My mom is still the best person I know to back a trailer, my sister is my number one choice for a road trip, and women in motorsport are a force to be reckoned with,” Kanoa said, adding that young women wishing to get into racing cars need not hesitate.

“Motorsport is incredibly inclusive – there are so many women in the industry who are highly respected – and going that fast is so much fun! Don’t let anything hold you back.”

Jaguar is committed to challenging gender conventions by championing female achievers like Tiffany, Amy and Rianna to inspire a new generation of female drivers to experience the thrill and excitement of high performance cars.

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