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TxDOX to use Drive Sober. No Regrets Campaign to Prevent Drunk Driving During Spring Break

The campaign will share real experiences of people affected by drink-driving

YOAKUM, Texas — The Texas Department of Transportation released a news release on data showing the true consequences of drunk driving during spring break. The press release indicates that TxDOT plans to use its Drive Sober. No Regrets campaign to share with students the real experiences of people affected by drunk driving crashes across Texas.

According to TxDOT, a person in Texas dies every eight hours and 31 minutes in a traffic accident related to alcohol and impaired driving. Last year, 1,029 people were killed in Texas and 2,522 were seriously injured. These deaths and injuries are due to someone choosing to drive while impaired. During spring break last year, Texas recorded 872 traffic crashes related to alcohol and impaired driving. According to TxDOT, these accidents resulted in 30 deaths and 107 serious injuries.

“These are worrying numbers, especially since all of these accidents are preventable,” said TxDOT executive director Marc Williams. “Whether it’s public transit, ride-sharing companies, or a designated sober friend, students have several options for finding a sober vehicle. We hope these real-life stories will show students that deadly consequences can and do happen every year during spring break.

TxDOT’s press release states that drunk driving is 100% preventable and can have serious physical, emotional and financial consequences that can last for years. According to TxDOT, a DWI can not only injure and kill someone, but it can also be expensive and cause significant legal issues. It can also create difficulties in finding or keeping a job.

Throughout March, TxDOT’s Drive Sober. No regrets. will host outreach events during major spring break designations. These events will include a video exhibit, featuring powerful testimonies from Texans who deal with the daily repercussions of drunk driving, as offenders or survivors. You can find these stories and facts about drunk driving at SoberRides.org.

According to TxDOT’s press release, the Drive Sober. No regrets. The campaign is a key part of #EndTheStreakTX, a broader social media and word-of-mouth effort. This will encourage drivers to make safer decisions while driving, such as:

  • wear a seat belt,
  • respect the speed limit,
  • never text and drive
  • and never drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

According to TxDOT, November 7, 2000 was the last day without a death on Texas roads. #EndTheStreakTX is asking all Texans to pledge safe driving to help end the streak of daily deaths on Texas roads.