Driving lesson

Tom Cruise bought stunt driving lessons from Glen Powell | Entertainment

Tom Cruise bought stunt driving lessons from Glen Powell to celebrate getting his pilot’s license.

The 59-year-old actor learned to fly airplanes in 1994 and helped his ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ co-star earn his own qualification, then surprised his pal with a new challenge once he was officially cleared to take flight.

Glen told E’s ‘Daily Pop’: “So I get my pilot’s license, I have to sign everything and they say, ‘You’re a private pilot’ – Tom had something waiting for me.

“It was a note that said ‘Welcome to the Skies’ and it was a certificate for stunt driving lessons.”

Jennifer Connelly also appears in the film and Tom helped her overcome her fear of flying.

She said: “He’s so cool. I didn’t want to let him down and say I had this fear of flying.

“So when he mentioned it, I was like, ‘Yeah, cool, yeah. I’ve never done it before, but sure, yeah. Let’s go. Bring it! And I did pretty well. I think I did pretty well.

Meanwhile, Miles Teller knows he can always call on the ‘Mission: Impossible’ star when he needs advice – but he has to phone him when he has a lot of time to spare because Tom “loves it so much make movies”, their industry discusses can go on for hours.

He said: “When we started getting started and we developed a personal relationship outside of that shoot, Tom said to me, he said, ‘Miles, call me if you need anything’, and he meant it.

“And there have been many times in my life or my career where I’ve called Tom for advice, and he answers every time…

“It’s like half past one, two hours, I’m like, ‘Tom, I love you man. I gotta go.'”