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TikTok Dublin’s driving instructor goes viral with key steering safety tip few know

A driving instructor from Dublin has gone viral on TikTok with a key driving safety tip to help you protect your thumbs that few people know about.

David Murphy of Drive Academy Dublin has revealed the one thing he must keep telling learner drivers to remember – don’t wrap your thumbs around the steering wheel.

In the short video clip, David goes over the main reason why you shouldn’t do this – the steering wheel airbag.

“If this airbag goes off, it goes off with incredible force, at incredible speed,” he said.

“And the first thing that’s going to happen is your thumb is going to just go up.”

David then shares with his followers that he learned this lesson the hard way himself, showing slight scars from an accident he had two decades ago where this exact thing happened.

It then illustrates where the thumb guards – which look like small rounded notches on the steering wheel just above the center – are located on the steering wheel.

A number of people in the comments were blown away by the video, saying they were never told anything about this obvious danger.

One said, “I would never think of that! Thanks for spreading your knowledge!”

Another revealed: ‘I only recently learned of this from a garda.

And other people added more reasons to never grip the steering wheel so firmly.

One noted: “I’ll give you another reason not to wrap your thumb around the steering wheel, if you hit something with the front wheel.”

Another said: “As long as it’s still moving forward, the steering will spin. It’s an instant thumb dislocation.”

And a third commented: “Airbags can break all fingers, not just thumbs.”

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