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Thousands of people waiting for driving test receive positive update as further steps taken to clear backlog

The Department for Transport has responded to the backlog of ongoing driving tests, with the number of applicants reaching over 66,000 through October 10, 2021.

A spokesperson said they were doing everything possible to allow as many customers as possible to be tested while adhering to public health requirements.

As of October 10, 2021, 66,284 people were waiting to receive a summons for a driving test, while 11,644 had booked their test.

Another 28,207 have applied for their test but are not currently eligible to take it because they have not completed all of the Essential Driver Training (EDT) lessons or they have held their learner’s license for less than 6 months .

In a statement to the Irish Mirror, a spokesperson said they were ‘guided by public health advice on delivering services safely’ while ‘ensuring that all possible measures are put in place’. place so that the maximum number of customers can be served”. while respecting public health requirements.

The volume of “no-shows” is also said to have dropped dramatically to 1.9%.

The volume of tests offered each week would increase, and over the past month the average has risen to 3,702 tests per week.

The volume of “no-shows” has also reportedly dropped dramatically to 1.9% on average so far this year. This figure previously exceeded 10% and therefore “more tests are currently being carried out from the available capacity”.

The spokesperson explained this; “Given the need for a tester to be in close proximity to a test candidate and to ride in vehicles brought by the candidates which are therefore not a controlled environment, this places obvious limits on the ability of the testing service .

“When service resumed in June 2020, testers were each performing five tests a day. Since September 27, 2021, this number has increased to seven tests per tester per day.

Department for Transport addresses driving test backlog as '40 more testers' to be hired
“10 additional temporary test centers have been opened and 9 more sites have been expanded within existing premises.”

“In order to deal with the backlog, RSA has been sanctioned to hire 40 new temporary testers, in addition to the 36 they have been sanctioned to retain or re-hire in 2020. These new testers have completed their training and are now carrying out live testing since July 2021. A sanction was also granted to recruit 40 additional testers.

“10 additional temporary test centers have been opened and 9 other sites have been expanded within the existing premises, to accommodate more testers.”

Since the beginning of the year, 116,689 tests have been offered and 105,935 have been carried out without any cases of covid transmission being reported.