Driving lesson

This is what it was like to pass your driving test back then – Yorkshire Post readers share their stories

Driving tests look set to change, with changes to the traffic laws having been implemented and the DVSA looking to increase the number of days learners must wait to rebook their test after failing.

With that in mind, we asked Yorkshire Post readers for their test drive stories – and how many times it took them to pass.

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Scroll down to take a walk down memory lane with their past test drive stories.

Austin Healey Sprite, 19, from Brian Hall [Image: Brian Hall via Facebook]

“The third time I got lucky was a nightmare because I had a beautiful 19 year old Austin Healey Sprite waiting in the garage the day I died, I bought it with my savings and I did some restorations on it for the big day.” -Brian Hall

“First time in Northallerton in 1977. There were no roundabouts or traffic lights and when I made an emergency stop my Grey’s Anatomy book flew out of the back seat of my yellow Renault 4. ” -Sally Simpson

“Passed first time after 20 lessons including test. Good old British School of Motoring. Good job too as we struggled to pay for lessons (newlyweds and students). Our daughter passed first time with BSM Also 20 years later.” -Pamela Diana Draycott

“I first passed in an old Land Rover from the 1950s. No side windows sailed around my backing into a corner. An instructor said when I hit here it’s a stop. emergency when he did, I said there was no way there was a car right in the back. It was 1980 at Pontefract, I was amazed.” -Lynn Abbott

“I passed the first time, took the test in my school uniform, then took the geography class again.” – Yvonne Abbey

“Passed the first time….Very stressed….in the days of the hand signals, I felt that if I didn’t pass, I couldn’t pass another one. What a relief.” -Dorothya Hansford

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“Passed the first time. Remember that was after almost a year of lessons! Always remember the car, a small Peugeot 205 diesel hatchback.” -James Smith

“I came by the first time, 9 days after my 17th birthday and bought myself an MG Metro!” -Simon Berryman

“One, but that was back when someone was walking past your car with a red flag and you’d be lucky if you saw another car. Not that bad, but let’s just say it wasn’t so hard then. The 1980s. Before the evidence of alcohol testing for drunk driving. How things change. It was hard to find a traffic jam then. -Peter Twyman

“1st time at Ruislip test centre, December 1975. I have no memory of when the test started but I think the examiner came to the car. Remember an emergency stop and a three point turn in exotic South Ruislip and two questions at the end of the test. My dad had taught me. I just reviewed some lessons with a local instructor near the test. -John Mitchell

“Car, tank, motorcycle and truck test for the first time.” -Andy D Curry

“The first time. In snow and ice. Remember that was over 50 years ago.” -Rita Charville

“3 – Mandatory thread: – Feel hard, narrowly avoid getting sick on the way down to Scarborough (gotta like those 20mph roads and no roundabouts). – Performs a perfect inch test for 36 minutes. And: Instructor: Can you reverse parallel park behind that car there for me Me: No, I’m not convinced I can Instructor: It’s ok, we’re done Would you like to know how you did Me: Na, it’s ok, same time next month? -David Wignall

“Passed the first time, but at the time the theoretical part consisted of a few questions at the end of the practical part. I read the rules of the road twice the day before and I crossed my fingers, one does not didn’t ask me anything about breaking distances. Compared to now, it was a joke.” -Sarah Calvert

“On the third attempt at Aylesbury in what had become quite thick fog at the end. After hearing that I had passed the examiner said we probably wouldn’t have started if it had been that thick in the beginning.” -John Yunie

“First time, 16. Best affirmation was, ‘put both hands on the wheel, I’m not your girlfriend, so don’t try to impress me.'” – Gordon Johnson

‘Passed through Jersey a second time, where I worked the summer season, bought a small car with my tips and drove it home to Yorkshire.’ – Madge Gailor

“1st time at 17 in February 1969 in a mini” – Janet Whitaker

“I had 1 lesson an hour before my test and then I passed it. Only because a child ran in front of me 15 minutes into my test and I did the emergency stop perfectly and the instructor almost passed out and just said please go back to the test center, you passed, and I need the toilet.” -Damien Barrett