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The shortage of driving instructors has a company offering free training

A local driving company is asking more people to train as instructors amid a shortage that has forced learners to wait nearly a month before having their first lesson.

Intensive Driving UK has seen a significant drop in the number of people looking to become instructors and they say this has had a huge impact on the business and on those looking to learn.

To help attract people to the field, the Grimsby Company offers free training to help increase their number of instructors.

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According to them, this is an opportunity to put the people of Grimsby to work and give them the chance to start a new career.

Office manager Simon Birch says he hopes more people will join the team soon.

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He said: “We have been operating in all areas of Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Louth and have been looking for instructors for some time now.

“We taught for many years and it was easy to do. Over the past couple of years the numbers have dropped which has had a major impact on everyone.

“People complain about wanting a job, but they don’t seem to want certain opportunities for some reason.

“To help attract people to the profession, we offer free training and the only thing they would have to pay for is their exams.

Intensive Driving UK is looking for people to join their team as a driving instructor

“We are doing this because we want people in the area to work. Five years ago we trained five people at a time, now it’s just one.

“Ideally, we would like to help those who are currently unemployed in our area if we can.

“We believe that by giving the local people this chance, we can also help improve the city.”

Simon admitted that the lack of instructors was straining the driving school, with some new beginners having to be put on a waiting list for almost a month before they could start their lessons.

Victoria Street in Grimsby

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He explained, “If we have people waiting, they could very easily go elsewhere. We need more instructors to solve this problem as best we can.

One instructor, Martin Bygrave, rallied others by saying, “If you’re willing to work hard, the rewards are there with Intensive Driving UK.

“Look at us closely, you won’t be disappointed. “

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