Driving lesson

The official driving school prepares your teenager to take the wheel

May is National Youth Road Safety Month. Summer is the busiest and most popular time to take driver training, and the official driving school wants to focus on preparation, not only for teenagers, but also for their parents, as well as they prepare for this very important next step in their lives.

It is extremely important that teenagers do not skip official driving lessons. Insurance companies and government statistics all agree that a teenager is less likely to have an accident or fatal car accident when they attend a formal driver training program. Teen driver education programs have been shown to reduce state teen deaths by up to 30%.

Students must be 14 and 8 months old to begin Driver Education Segment 1. along with a state-issued ID or birth certificate with them on Day 1 of Segment 1.

Parents can be role models for their children in safe and distraction-free driving. Driver Ed starts long before their child is 14 and 8 months old. It starts with them as a passenger and then they get behind the wheel.

Parents can also interact with their children while driving:

  • Show them the proper signage
  • Ask them to call out buildings/road signs/street names
  • Get them comfortable with their city and surroundings to get them ready to get behind the wheel
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and avoid distractions like browsing and changing music
  • Pledge as a family to be a better driver and avoid distracting devices while driving. Even make them sign an agreement!

Once parents are ready for teens to take driver education, call the official driving school! They have in-person and virtual classes available in the area.

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To enroll in a driving course, visit officialdrivingschool.com or call 248-548-8000.

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