Driving lesson

The man was taking driving lessons with his girlfriend when he was caught without insurance

A young man from Donegal was on a driving lesson with his girlfriend when he was caught driving without insurance.

Frank McMenamin, a 22-year-old from St Jude’s Court in Lifford, was allowed to retain his license by Judge Brendan O’Reilly.

McMenamin was in Letterkenny District Court in connection with an incident that occurred on January 16, 2021.

Sergeant Sean McDaid told the court that Gardaí stopped a vehicle in Gortin North, Ballindrait on the date in question.

A request was made for the production of his driver’s license and his insurance certificate. These were not produced.

McMenamin’s lawyer, Ms Donna Crampsie, said her client, the father of a four-month-old baby, was learning to drive in his girlfriend’s car at the time.

“She was giving a driving lesson,” Ms Crampsie said.

“He suffers from anxiety. He is overwhelmed by it and he feels deep remorse.

McMenamin, who has no previous convictions, works part-time at a car wash in Lifford and has “limited means”, Ms Crampsie said.

Judge O’Reilly asked McMenamin to take the stand. It was to McMenamin’s credit, the judge said, that he had since obtained his license and was insured in the car.

McMenamin told Judge O’Reilly he needed the car for work and to make sure his child was taken to medical appointments.

Judge O’Reilly fined McMenamin €250 for driving without insurance, giving him six months to pay. For driving without a license, McMenamin was fined €100.

Charges of failure to present insurance or license were considered.