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Stunts driving in Ontario: New sentence for those convicted

The Ontario government has added a new penalty for people caught stunt driving starting April 1.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, drivers convicted of stunt driving in Ontario must now also complete a driver improvement course or their license will be revoked. The course must be chosen from a list of government-approved companies.

The Department of Transportation told CTV News Toronto that the course must be completed within 60 days of conviction.

“This requirement, along with higher fines and longer suspensions, sends a clear message to drivers that high-risk and aggressive driving has no place on our roads,” the department said in a statement Friday.

Anyone caught driving 40 km/h or more over the speed limit, when the speed limit is set at less than 80 km/h, will face stunt driving charges in Ontario.

In areas where the speed limit is over 80 km/h, a motorist will face stunt driving charges if they exceed the limit by more than 50 km/h.

Drivers also face a 30-day license suspension, as well as a 14-day impoundment, if caught by police for stunt driving.

The maximum fine for stunt driving in Ontario is $10,000. You also risk up to six months in prison.

Police say speeding-related fatalities on Ontario roads hit a 10-year high with 81 fatalities in 2021.

A total of 315 people died on the road that year, representing a 3% increase from 2020. The deaths occurred in 288 separate collisions.

The OPP said it recorded 19 more speed-related deaths than the previous year.