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Severe burn victim who survived ‘denied driving test’ by 11,000 volt shock because scars ‘didn’t match ID’

A man who became a ‘human fireball’ after being electrocuted claims he was refused to take his theory test because his face ‘didn’t match his ID card’. Urban explorer Darren Harris, who suffered a massive 11,000 volt shock at an abandoned steel mill, called it “disgusting discrimination”.

The 29-year-old’s appearance has completely changed after severe burns caused him to lose his nose and ears. He has scars over 47% of his body.

Darren, who was treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, said he was upset when he was told he couldn’t take his theory test because his picture ‘didn’t look like him anymore’.

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The former scaffolder said he was going for his third attempt at the Northallerton B test center when the manager questioned his appearance.

Darren before the incident

He told the Mirror: “I walked out completely distraught with a big lump in my throat. I was crying my head off.

“He said ‘it’s not my problem, you shouldn’t have changed your appearance, you didn’t change your ID’.

“I said I’m not ready to change my identity yet because I’m still coming to terms with my new look, but he was really awkward with me. I feel like I’ve been victimized discrimination at the highest level.

“Another guy there tried to help me. He said to the manager ‘why are you turning him down’, and the guy said ‘because his face doesn’t match his ID’.”

“He had neither sympathy nor remorse.”

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency told the Mirror it was investigating the incident. A spokesperson said: “DVSA will urgently investigate this incident with its theory test provider.

“We always aim to treat all applicants with respect. We apologize for the distress caused and will contact the person to offer a new test.


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