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Redding Truck Driving School Sees Rise in Job Openings | Local

REDDING California – Across the country, there is a shortage of major rig drivers to transport goods from distributor to stores. At American Career Training, staff reported having more truck driver openings than student truck drivers.

American Career Training deputy director Jared Tilley said the pandemic is increasing demand for truck drivers and companies are racing to fill those positions.

“We have enough students in the school to be considered normal or average enrollment for jobs, we don’t have enough students in Upstate to fill the jobs that are open to United States right now,” Tilley said.

Meanwhile, Tilley said he doesn’t think new students will have trouble finding jobs when they graduate.

“The job opportunities are just phenomenal right now, we’ve never had a problem now; we can place students for the next two years with the opportunities we have now,” Tilley said.

That didn’t stop Bill Pavloff from hearing about truckers’ demand; he rushed to American Career Training School, ready to begin his new career.

“The job market is wide open when you have your Class A license, not just locally, nationally. You can go anywhere and find work with a Class A permit,” Pavloff said.

Tilley said his classes will remain full until next year and said he is making sure his staff take precautions, so more students feel comfortable being in person for classes. in-person lessons.