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Reckless Driving Outside Milwaukee School: Parent Films On Camera

Exclusive video shows an SUV speeding and screaming outside Rufus King High School on the north side of Milwaukee. The video was captured by an upset parent.

“I just heard something. I didn’t know what it was, it was just loud,” Yvette Fields said. “I look up and here is this SUV. It’s flying. I couldn’t believe it.”

Fields told FOX6 News she recorded the video as she picked up her son from track practice.

“I feel like I’m shaking and biting my tongue. I wanted to watch my lyrics because I knew I was going to share them,” Fields said.

Fields said she was sharing the video to draw attention to the reckless and dangerous behavior.

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“These two kids are sitting in the window, sitting in the doorway. They were going so fast,” Fields said.
“An action has to take place. It shouldn’t just be at the MPS level. It should be at the MPD level.”

This is the latest of several reckless driving incidents captured near Milwaukee schools this school year. In September, a sedan rolled down the sidewalk at Bradley Tech High School — and a reckless driver swerved near Vincent High School.

MPS officials say they understand the concern over reckless driving in the city. District officials say they have security measures in place at all school sites. A spokesperson said they were working with city leaders and local authorities to help address this community issue.

“Just because of the number of cars there were, the number of people, I couldn’t believe it,” Fields said.

Fields said she called the police. Now she is calling on the community and leaders to stand up against this issue.

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“We always talk about the village and the community. It’s time to push,” Fields said.

Fields said she turned what she captured into one less lesson for her son. She said the two men spoke about the importance of safe driving practices.