Driving school

Reckless driving at 14 Milwaukee schools

Reckless driving continues to wreak havoc on Milwaukee and its schools. According to the MPS, 14 different campuses have witnessed reckless driving this school year.

At Bradley Tech High School, there are barriers to keep people from driving on sidewalks, but there’s pressure to be more proactive in curbing reckless driving.

“I didn’t become aware of reckless driving until September 2021,” said community advocate Beverly Williams.

It was then that Williams saw a video from Bradley Tech High School.

“A lot of them are driving illegally, not really understanding the rules of the road, not really understanding how important it is to respect the road,” Williams said.

Since then, MPS has added concrete barriers.

“Barriers really work, but barrier optics is what we’re working on right now,” Superintendent Keith Posley said.

Posley says it’s all about trial and error.

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“One of the things, we learned that we have to take the barricades down a little closer to the sidewalk because we have our barriers — in some areas you can still get on the sidewalk,” Posley said.

The MPS says all campuses will have the barriers next year, which will cost $200,000.

Williams believes driver education should be a mandatory part of the school day.

Reckless driving outside Wedgewood Park International School in Milwaukee

“It seems to me that they need to be more proactive and preventative in teaching kids the rules of the road, to respect the road, with mandatory driver education classes in Milwaukee public schools,” Williams said.

MPS students can take voluntary driver training after school.

“We have MPS Drives, and it’s a very permanent after-school program and we have spaces for 4,400 students,” Posley said.

Although there are different ideas about the solutions, school and community leaders agree that this is the real barrier to learning.

If you’re interested in taking MPS Drives, MPS says spots are filling up fast. You can register through Milwaukee Rec.