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Rays of hope – and setbacks – in the condition of injured cyclist Andre Simon

Injured cyclist Andre Simon shows improvements in his ability to breathe on his own (Facebook photo)

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Despite some good news regarding the condition of injured national cyclist Andre Simon in a US hospital, his family say there are still hurdles to overcome on his road to recovery.

Simon was seriously injured after being hit by a motorist during training on May 8. He was airlifted to TIRR Memorial Hospital in Texas on July 2 after a massive fundraising effort that is still ongoing.

In an update posted to Facebook over the weekend, his brother Dwayne Simon, who accompanied Andre to Texas, explained that a pressure ulcer on his brother’s posterior region interfered with treatment plans.

Dwayne further explained that after evaluation it was classified as a stage three wound and an X-ray was taken to determine the severity, specifically if there was an infection in the nearby bone, which luckily there was. there was no evidence.

Unfortunately, the infection may mean more expense for the family, with doctors now considering whether the athlete may need to be temporarily transferred to another specialist facility.

However, good news was also announced; André now uses a specialized bed to help the wound heal quickly and minimize the need for turning.

“He breathes better and better through his nose. Good,” Dwayne wrote, adding that this brings Andre one step closer to having his tracheostomy tube removed.

There are also improvements to his overall appearance as the bruises around his body heal, as well as his vitals and food tolerance.

Dwayne added that Andre’s care providers are also considering weaning the cyclist from anti-epileptic drugs since he is not having any seizures.

Three other cyclists were also injured in the May road accident but were discharged from hospital shortly afterwards. A 39-year-old Hatton man has been charged with dangerous driving.

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