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Police arrest man driving vehicle possibly linked to attempted kidnapping

Anaheim police have arrested a man driving the vehicle that matches the description of the one used in the attempted kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl last Thursday afternoon.

Police first attempted to park the vehicle at the intersection of Lambert Road and Sunflower Street in Brea at around 2.30pm.

“When they attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver fled and a high-speed chase ensued,” Anaheim Police Department Sgt. Steve Pena.

The chase continued for nearly an hour as the suspect traveled along Interstates 57 and I-5.

The chase eventually came to a halt after the California Highway Patrol used multiple strips of spikes to pop the suspect’s tires. Police arrested the suspect, Andrew Pio, 31, shortly after near the La Paz Road exit ramp.

“Our officers tackled him to the ground, took him into custody, and then he complained of pain and minor scratches,” Peña said.

According to Anaheim police, Pio complained of pain after being detained and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Authorities believe the vehicle matches the description of the wanted Ford F-150 in the attempted kidnapping of a teenager as she returned home from college in Anaheim on March 31.

“The van looked like enough to warrant our officer wanting to stop it,” Peña said.

It is not known if Pio is the wanted suspect for the attempted kidnapping. He was only detained for the prosecution. Pio lives near the school.

“It’s good that he’s on the street and I hope he’s the person they were looking for,”