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Our View: Child Care and Bus Driver Programs Set Us Up for Long-Term Recovery | Opinion

Four Guam government agencies, Kloppenberg Enterprises Inc. and Guam Community College have been instrumental in establishing two programs to help the island’s economic recovery and the expansion of community and hospitality services .

The Guam Economic Development Authority, Department of Public Health and Human Services, Guam Department of Labor, in partnership with the Department of Public Works, Kloppenberg and GCC have established the Provider Certification Program. child care services and the bus driving training camp.

We acknowledge and commend their partnership in creating these two programs, which 31 people completed on Thursday.

The Child Care Provider Certification program educates, trains, and gives more residents the opportunity to work as professionals for children’s centers and after-school programs.

The bus driving boot camp helped participants obtain their driver’s license with a “D” endorsement, which allows the driver to drive school or tourist buses.

The college held a graduation ceremony for the two programs Thursday at the college campus.

Of the 31 participants, 17 completed the Child Care Provider Certification Program and 14 completed the Bus Driving Boot Camp.

Participants will be able to play an important role in helping rebuild the tourism industry, providing transportation for students, residents and visitors, and caring for children while parents work.

We sometimes take the necessities of childcare or public transportation for granted. But these programs help many people beyond those who have completed them – they allow visitors to get to attractions, workers to get to work, children to get to class, and parents to be able to participate in the labor market. These services help everyone.

Although we are still at the start of our recovery period – tourism is just beginning and jobs are being filled – but before we know it, tour group buses will be a regular sight on the roads, and mums and dads will work shifts at busy restaurants, hotels and attractions.

We will need all the help we can get.

For this, we thank these four agencies, Kloppenberg Enterprises Inc. and Guam Community College for preparing the island for a better future and training workers to fill the necessary services.