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Oklahoma woman arrested after driving vehicle on Lake Hefner trails while allegedly intoxicated with baby in backseat

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Officials said an Oklahoma woman was arrested after she was seen driving on walking and biking trails by a busy lake.

Pedestrians and cyclists had to jump out of the way as a driver traveled nearly a mile along the Hefner Lake walking paths in Oklahoma City.

“It’s crazy. I mean, I don’t know how you can hit the guardrail and not realize you’re not where you’re supposed to be and still drive,” said Corey Smith, who called 911.

The driver has been identified as Sierra Gaines.

Sierra Gaines Courtesy of Oklahoma County Correctional Center

“Around 7 a.m. we’re standing by the stop sign there and a car hits the sidewalk and flies over the guardrail and continues to roll down the Hefner Lake bike path towards the pedestrians,” Smith said. .

People exercising and walking their dogs on the trail should step aside.

“They were terrified. They were in awe watching the car go by after hitting the grass,” Smith said. “I think she may not have known where she was at the time.”

Smith saw it unfold. You can see in Chopper 4 that Smith’s friend came up behind the car on an electric unicycle – trying to get a look at the license plate as Smith frantically called 911.

“If someone had been walking in the opposite direction, they wouldn’t have seen the car and it wouldn’t have stopped yet,” Smith said.

“I would have been terrified, especially walking with my baby,” said Isabella Mitchell, who was walking the trails.

Gaines eventually turned the car around and drove back to where it entered the trails, stopping in the parking lot near a restaurant.

In the back seat, officers found an unrestrained child and car seat.

“Unfortunately there was a young child in the vehicle,” the sergeant said. Dillon Quirk, Oklahoma City Police Department. “The child was discovered when officers made contact with the driver of this vehicle.”

Officers responding to the scene also reported that Gaines smelled of alcohol.

The police cannot tell us his relationship to the child, but they thankfully say that neither of them nor anyone else was harmed.

“But putting people in danger like that is crazy,” Mitchell said.

Gaines was incarcerated in Oklahoma County Jail and faces charges of child endangerment and driving under the influence.