Driving school

NYC Driving School sedan isn’t Ridgewood car thief’s smartest choice

He might as well have honked.

A would-be car thief driving a sedan stolen from a driving school in Queens was targeting neighborhoods in Ridgewood when he was spotted early Wednesday, Feb. 9, authorities said.

The suspect left after abandoning a car theft attempt on Gilbert Street, but was caught shortly after.

It’s not like he could let anyone down: The Toyota Corolla was branded with large Ferrari Driving School lettering in Queens and had a battered New State front license plate. York which hung vertically from a single screw.

The Corolla “was reported stolen in the Bronx,” Ridgewood Police Detective Captain Forest Lyons said. “He was using it to try to steal other cars from Ridgewood.”

Village and Glen Rock police teamed up to catch the thief at the Shell station on Route 17 at Franklin Turnpike. He was taken into custody and sent to the Bergen County Jail.

Boyd A. Loving took the photos and contributed to this account.

UPDATE: An accused Queens car burglar who police say was prowling the streets of Bergen County in a vehicle stolen from a driving school has been released by a judge after his arrest.

Spanky Gus Davido, 25, rushed after Ridgewood police caught him trying to break into a car on Gilbert Street on Wednesday February 9, Detective Captain Forest Lyons said.

Although a new state law prevented them from prosecuting Davido, it couldn’t stop them from finding him.

They had some help – namely, the large Ferrari Driving School of Queens lettering on the side of the stolen sedan. A battered front number plate also hung vertically from a single screw.

Village police, assisted by colleagues from Glen Rock, arrested the 5-foot-4, 140-pound suspect in custody at the Shell Station on southbound Route 17 off the Franklin Turnpike.

Davido, who had attempted to break into at least three other cars, was intoxicated, police said.

Police charged him with attempted burglary, robbery, possession of stolen goods, escape and DWI and sent him to Bergen County Jail. A Hackensack Superior Court judge ordered his release after a hearing the following day.

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