Driving lesson

North Dakota DTSEA puts the gas on driving instructor training

The North Dakota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association’s annual conference is in town, and driving instructors from across the state are heading to Bismarck this weekend.

The conference takes place at the Quality Inn on the East Interstate, and during this three-day workshop, more than 90 driver education teachers will participate in workshops, lessons and activities to help them train the next generation of students on the road.

“Our goal for the North Dakota Driver and Road Safety Education Conference is to try to promote instructors to learn more,” said DTSEA Secretary and Treasurer Jon Dondoneau. “And to try to deepen our knowledge of the driver education program, as well as just to leverage the content that we have or that we provide to them so they can become experts in their field.”

With thousands of teens and young adults taking driver education classes every year, it’s important for instructors to stay current with updates to the laws.

These refreshers will ensure teachers in North Dakota are up to speed — and so far, according to statistics, it has worked.

While many of the basic meeting concepts, such as following state guidelines, have remained the same over the years, there are also many new things that are discussed and added to the lesson plan.

The biggest modern addition is a greater focus on the use of driving technology.

“He’s really trying to learn how he’s helping us,” Dondoneau said, “and how to teach other students that he’s doing just that. Help us, not replace.

The program promises to enhance the teaching skills of our driving instructors through rigorous training and hands-on experiences.

The conference runs until Saturday at 6 p.m.