Driving lesson

News10 takes a driving lesson in the snow

SCHENECTADY, ​​NY (NEWS10) – Authorities often insist that you shouldn’t be on the roads in snowy conditions unless absolutely necessary. News10 accompanied a driving instructor to learn how to avoid danger if traveling is a must during a snowstorm.

Driving instructor Steve Darling kept the car piping hot the entire ride through Schenectady. Although it was perhaps a little too much although warm for some people, he had good reason to turn the temperature up to the maximum.

“You really want to make sure you can see,” Darling told News10, “you want to keep the heat high so the snow doesn’t freeze on the windshield.”

Many people are afraid of slipping or spinning. Darling said keeping calm is key.

“You don’t have to slam on the brakes. First you want to control your car. Most cars have anti-lock brakes these days,” Darling explained, “but again, the most important thing on a car is the tires and the person in the driver’s seat.

Darling can’t recommend snow tires highly enough, especially if your vehicle doesn’t have four-wheel drive.

Traveling on the highway in intense weather can also be daunting. Leave enough space not only in the front and back, but also on the sides.

“It’s really important to be patient. I don’t like anybody next to me, so I deliberately let them pass,” Darling said, “because if they run in circles, or if I run in circles, I don’t want to end up with a ping-situation of pong ball.

If you can’t see the lines on the freeway, Darling says staying near the middle is your best bet.