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New Port Richey officer fired amid allegations of fondling girl in police custody

A New Port Richey police corporal has lost his job after an internal investigation confirmed allegations of sexual misconduct raised by a 17-year-old girl who was in his custody.

According to the New Port Richey Police Department, former police Corporal Bobby Lubrido, 43, faces no criminal charges stemming from the allegations – that he first engaged in inappropriate and explicit conversations while watching movies. naked photos of the girl on her mobile phone before groping her buttocks and breasts.

Still, according to an internal affairs report obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, the investigation provided enough information for New Port Richey Police Chief Kim Bogart to fire Lubrido, determining that his “actions in this case were in violation of numerous departmental rules and regulations.” and departmental procedures” and that these “inappropriate and unseemly” actions have “absolutely affected your reputation”.

Lubrido worked for the agency for five years and had no prior disciplinary issues, records show. Prior to that, he worked as a police officer in Oveido for 10 years and served as an Orange County Correctional Officer for two years.

According to the final decision of the internal affairs investigation, Lubrido did not contest the investigation’s findings and decided not to meet with Bogart before his firing.

“He said he didn’t believe he did anything immoral or illegal,” but Lubrido also “admitted to breaking protocol when he didn’t properly transport” the girl, wrote Detective Edward Campbell in a summary report of his investigation into the allegations.

According to this internal affairs report, the incident occurred on July 13.

The girl, who has not been publicly named by police, had recently been considered a runaway when she was spotted by a detective near Ginny Drive in Port Richey. That detective took the girl to Morton Plant North Bay Hospital for an examination, then arranged for Lubrido to take her to the Juvenile Assessment Center, according to the report.

According to the report, the girl asked Lubrido to turn the radio on to a specific music channel, and he placed her cell phone on its charger in the front seat at her request. When they arrived at the jail, however, Lubrido was told that his medical clearance papers were missing signatures, which meant he and the girl had to go back to the hospital.

In his patrol car, Lubrido again placed the girl’s phone on its charger, but this time asked for the password to access the phone. Girl gave it to him but said she was surprised when he started looking at her photo gallery and watching videos of her ‘twerking’ while commenting on her ‘ass’, report says .

The girl told detectives that Lubrido admitted he was “really trying to see what your (boobs) looked like” and eventually logged into his Snapchat account, where he found a photo of the youngster’s bare breasts, according to the report. Lubrido took a picture of the photo with his phone and continued to stare at the nude image as he drove back to the hospital, investigators wrote – making sexually explicit comments while driving.

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According to the report, the police corporal was so distracted by the photos that he hit a deer while driving, which was corroborated by dash cam footage and a phone call he made to the agency to report that he had hit a deer.

Lubrido then arrived at the hospital and obtained the necessary signatures for the girl’s medical clearance. He let her eat half his sandwich, uncuffed, outside his cruiser. The girl told investigators she engaged the police officer in sexually explicit banter, hoping he would let her go, according to the report. He assured her that his body-worn camera had been turned off and that his vehicle’s cameras and audio recorders would not pick up their encounter, then handcuffed her again when she finished eating.

The girl told detectives that Lubrido told her, ‘That sandwich wasn’t free’, and groped her buttocks as he cuffed her hands behind her back and placed her in her back seat, according to the report. The girl said he then lifted her shirt and bra and fondled her breasts.

The girl told investigators that Lubrido retrieved her mother’s photo from her on-board computer and asked her if she would be interested in a “threesome,” which the girl declined, according to the report. She also told Campbell that Lubrido said he would come to her house later to “check on her”.

“She told me the whole incident made her fearful and suspicious of the police,” Campbell wrote.

A review of footage from Lubrido’s patrol vehicle showed no sound of the incident was captured, but movement appeared to support the girl’s story, as did forensic analysis of photos and videos viewed on his phone. At one point, the camera captures the girl’s sweatshirt pulled up over her chest as Lubrido places her in the vehicle, but the image is then blocked by the glare from her flashlight, according to the report. No footage of the alleged groping has been recovered.

Lubrido denied the girl’s allegations in an interview with investigators, police said.

“When I told him his testimony was inconsistent with the video evidence, he said ‘yes,'” Detective Campbell wrote in the report.

Lubrido did not respond to three phone calls from The Times seeking comment on this story.