Driving lesson

Netizens smoke over the arrest of Bhavya Rai driving his car, holding a cup of coffee in the presence of police in Noida

Two days after a viral video showed Bhavya Rai manhandling and swearing at a security guard, another video of the Noida resident is circulating the internet where she could be seen holding a cup of coffee and driving herself to the station. police, drawing criticism.

Bhavya Rai was arrested in Noida on Sunday for manhandling a private security guard on camera, swearing at him and making derogatory remarks against a particular community.

Video of the incident, outside a collective accommodation company, was shared on social media after which an FIR was recorded against the woman on Saturday. She was arrested and taken into custody for 14 days, said Sector 126 police station chief Satyendra Kumar.

However, a video and photo of the woman is going viral where she could be seen driving a car to the police station and holding a cup of coffee while being escorted away by police.

In the video, Bhavya Rai is seen sitting in the driver’s seat while a police officer sits in the front seat. She pushes her way out of the residential society without giving an answer to the journalists present.

Another photo showed Rai in an elevator holding a cup of coffee, where police are also present.

However, the visuals are drawing a strong reaction from netizens who have criticized her insensitive nature. A Twitter user asked if the arrested person was allowed to drive the car to the police station.

A Twitter user commenting on the mode of arrest said it looks like she is passing her driving test.

A lawyer by training, Bhavya Rai was in a sedan and the two sides argued at the front door of the Jaypee Wishtown company, below the boundaries of the Sector 126 police station.

According to a senior police officer, security guard Anoop Kumar was doing an entry check-in of the vehicle as required by the rules and took some time to open the door, after which Roy allegedly started a verbal fight with him and allegedly began to mistreat him and the other. staff present on site.

Incidentally, the police action came as a mahapanchayat was held by the Tyagi community to support local politician Shrikant Tyagi who is in jail after assaulting and swearing at a female co-resident of his society Grand Omaxe. in Sector 93B of Noida a fortnight ago.

As video of the incident involving Rai was shared on social media, people expressed outrage at his conduct and demanded harsh punishment.

Police immediately became aware of the video that went viral on social media in which the woman was seen misbehaving, abusing and assaulting the company guard and she was arrested by the squad from the local Police Station of Sector 126, Noida Police said in a statement.

The woman was convicted under sections 153A of the Indian Penal Code (acts prejudicial to harmony), 323 (wilfully causing injury), 504 (intentional insult to cause a breach of the public peace) and 506 (criminal intimidation) , among others, police said. . According to police officials, Roy married in 2016 but is currently separated from her husband.

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