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nashik first: Organization to start offline training for driver’s license | Nashik News

Nashik: The organization Nashik First will conduct a two-hour offline training, which is mandatory for those who wish to obtain a driver’s license after obtaining the learner’s permit from the Nashik Regional Transportation Office (RTO).
Since December 2020, the Nashik First has been providing online training for driving license applicants due to the Covid situation. However, with very few Covid cases and no Covid related restrictions, the private organization will be holding the training offline from April 5th.
Since 2017, Nashik First has been organizing training and advice for driving license candidates. After obtaining the learner’s permit, applicants under the age of 25 must complete a two-hour safe driving training workshop at the Children’s Traffic Education Park before applying to the RTO for the driver’s license.
The Nashik RTO, after verifying the certificate of training issued to the candidates concerned, makes them appear for the driving license examination. Due to the pandemic, candidates took online training starting in December 2020.
Now that the Covid scenario has improved, Abhay Kulkarni, president of the Nashik First organization, wrote to the RTO to organize offline training for driving license candidates. Nashik First officials said that all Covid-related protocols like not entering without a mask, checking body temperature, using sanitizer at the entrance, etc. will be followed at the training center.