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MSU president says student enjoyment is the driving factor behind new construction | New

Dr. Mark Keenum said the enjoyment of Mississippi State students is high on his list of priorities when it comes to new facilities and construction on campus.

STARKVILLE, Mississippi (WTVA) – Mississippi State University President Dr. Mark Keenum said there are a handful of new projects underway to help improve student enjoyment and experience. on the campus.

After three weeks, Dr Keenum said there were a few new buildings and facilities on the way for the 2022-23 school year.

A groundbreaking ceremony will be held for a brand new music building which is already in use, and a number of other projects are underway.

The list includes a new kinesiology building, a new high-performance supercomputing facility, and a number of renovations to existing athletics buildings, like the Humphrey Coliseum.

Dr. Keenum said the projects are just a reflection of his desire to ensure his students have a good time while in Mississippi State.

“Making the student experience as pleasant as possible is what we always strive to do here at Mississippi State,” Dr. Keenum said. “That’s why we’re always on the move of growing and building…because we want to bring better learning, better living-living conditions for our students, so they can have a fun and enjoyable, focusing on their class work, getting their education, but having a great time while they’re here as a Mississippi State bulldog.”