Driving lesson

Mother-of-six flouts driving ban as she ‘teachers a lesson in learning’ at midnight

A mum who told police she was giving an early morning driving lesson has been found prohibited from driving. Samantha Davies, from Llanrumney in Cardiff, was in the passenger seat of a Ford Fiesta at 12.15am on April 3 when police stopped the vehicle in Newport Road.

The 31-year-old ⁠— who had been disqualified from driving two months earlier ⁠— told officers she was teaching driver Alexia Gee a lesson. Davies, a mum-of-six, appeared at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. Prosecutor Emily Jermin told the court that police stopped the car because it appeared on their system as uninsured. Speaking to the driver, Ms Gee, they discovered that she only had a provisional licence.

“The defendant was also present,” Ms Jermin added. “She said she was acting as a qualified driver and as a driving instructor.”

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The car had no MOT certificate or L-plates. And police checks revealed Davies was banned from driving. She had been handed a six-month disqualification in February after she was caught driving an uninsured Honda – for which she was fined £660. It is illegal to give driving lessons without a full driver’s license.

When the prosecutor said the computer system didn’t show whether Davies had any prior convictions, the defendant said she might be able to help. But presiding judge Sian Davies told him: “We’re not interested in that at the moment, we’ll get back to you in a minute.”

The magistrate wondered why a driving lesson would have taken place at 12:15 a.m. The prosecutor confirmed that was what the police report said. The defendant, who represented herself, then said that “it wasn’t really a driving lesson” and that she was actually heading to a supermarket to buy baby milk.

She said: “Basically I needed stuff from the store and couldn’t drive myself because I had a drink. I didn’t know I was banned at the time.”

Samantha Davies leaves court

Samantha Davies claimed she did not receive a letter informing her of the ban. She added that she was looking after two of her children full-time and had four others, including a 12-week-old baby. The defendant, of Braunton Avenue, pleaded guilty to permitting the use of a car without insurance or a test certificate, and aiding and abetting driving without a licence.

Presiding Judge Sian Davies added eight points to the defendant’s license and imposed a £120 fine along with £85 prosecution costs and a £34 victim services surcharge. She told the defendant, “Let me be very clear because you seem to have a misunderstanding about your driver’s license. You don’t.”

Samantha Davies replied, “No, I don’t know. That’s what the officer told me.”

The magistrate continued: “You are disqualified until August 14th. You are not allowed to supervise anyone taking driving lessons at any time, day or night. If you come back to court and say you didn’t understand, the record will show that you I said today you understand.”

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