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Message from Maria Back from Safe Driving Days

Through the program, students will better understand how important it is to be fully aware and focused while driving.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Maria’s Message Safe Driving Days campaign, held in honor of Maria, daughter of Dom and Terri Tiberi, is designed to help young drivers learn to drive safely.

Professional drivers offer free defensive driving lessons at three one-day events during the summer months.

Students go through three exercises:

  • wet braking
  • emergency lane changes
  • skid car maneuvers.

The goal is that by the end of this event, students will better understand how important it is to be completely and totally aware and focused while behind the wheel.

These are not full-fledged driving lessons. These sessions are designed to teach young drivers how to react in the event of a road emergency.

Dom Tiberi believes that these courses are essential.

“The skills these children will learn are essential and, frankly, life-saving. These children will be tested, and ultimately each of them will be better drivers.

In six years, more than 600 young drivers have taken these defensive driving courses.

This year, 10TV and Maria’s Message are partnering with Better Ohio Teen Drivers. Classes are scheduled for:

There are three sessions each day and the schedules were not finalized on Wednesday.

Classes are held at the Roadmaster Drivers School at 977 Frank Road. Participants must hold a driver’s license or a learner’s permit. Participation is restricted to drivers aged 15 1/2 to 22 years old. Participants and parents, if applicable, must sign waivers.

Register below for the event on Saturday, June 18: