Driving instructors

Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land, MSR Houston hosts driving safety lesson for teens


Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land, in conjunction with MSR Houston, held a special driving safety lesson for area teens on a recent Saturday, according to a statement.

The MSR racetrack hosted ten students, who experienced “hands-on” driving exercises including skidding, braking, reversing and more in a variety of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. MSR-trained instructors reviewed difficult driving situations and the importance of safe driving.

The Teen Driving Safety School aims to prepare young drivers for their daily journeys. MBSL organizes a few special driving lessons for teenage license holders between the ages of 16 and 20 every year.

In a controlled environment, students learn to drive in extreme situations. Lessons include crucial safety and accident avoidance techniques, going beyond typical driver training.

This driver training program is exclusive to Mercedes-Benz customers of Sugar Land “First Class Access”. Course places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To be a First Class Access customer, one can buy a car from the dealership, service their car at the dealership, or buy something from their shop. They will automatically be entered into the database and will have access to benefits.

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