Driving lesson

Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land, MSR Houston Holds Special Driving Safety Lesson for Area Teens

Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land, in conjunction with MSR Houston, recently hosted a special safe driving lesson for area teens.

The aim of the Teen Driving Safety School is to prepare young drivers for their daily journeys. This is an annual back-to-school event for licensed teenagers aged 16-20.

“We’re thrilled to bring the Mercedes-Benz back to Sugar Land Teen Driving Safety School, as it’s an integral part of our mission to help reduce the risks teens face on the road,” said Derek Brown, Vice-Principal President of Marketing at Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land.

Fourteen students participated in the free driving lesson, which took place at MSR Houston’s on-road course.

The day began with a one-hour classroom lesson with MSR-trained instructors. Students learned to prepare for difficult driving situations and the importance of safe driving. Afterwards, the students put their new skills and knowledge to the test on the race track, where they experienced different practice exercises in a variety of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including a GLC, GLB, a CLA and a C-Class. These included skid pads, braking, reversing and other drills – the purpose of these “hands-on” driving experiences was to prepare students for challenging situations and demonstrate skills. crucial safety and accident avoidance techniques.

“With more students back on the roads heading back to school, it’s so important to provide them with the tools they need to be safe drivers and teach them how to safely control a car in real-life situations. “Brown said.

Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land has two more Teen Drives planned this year; they will take place on October 16 and December 11.

This driver training program is exclusive to Mercedes-Benz customers of Sugar Land “First Class Access”. Course places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To be a First Class Access customer, one can buy a car from the dealership, service their car at the dealership, or buy something from their shop. They will automatically be entered into the database and will have access to benefits.

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