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Mark Drakeford outlines Wales’ plan to live with coronavirus without more restrictions

Mark Drakeford has outlined Wales’ plan to live with Covid as the country plans to remove all Covid restrictions by March 28.

The Prime Minister gives a press conference stressing that Wales will remain at zero alert for the next three weeks and that, if the public health situation remains stable, all Covid laws relating to masks and self- isolation could disappear after the next lockdown review on March 24. You can follow live updates here.

The Welsh government has published a plan, called Together for a safer future: Wales’ long-term Covid-19 transition from pandemic to endemic.

Wales’ response to coronavirus will vary depending on whether the country is assessed as being in a ‘Covid Stable’ or ‘Covid Urgent’ state, but Covid Stable is believed to be the most likely scenario – with waves of infection not big enough to put unsustainable pressure on the NHS. More details here.

Mr Drakeford said: “As we publish this longer-term plan, there is no doubt that we have reached an important moment in this pandemic and we can look to the future with growing confidence that next year will be the one where we will have another relationship with the virus.

“But the pandemic is not over – this virus is full of nasty surprises and we are likely to see fluctuations in global infection patterns for several years. We must be ready to respond quickly to any future outbreaks or new variants as we go. that we are learning to live safely alongside the coronavirus in the long term.”

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