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Major driving lesson change announced for learner drivers in Liverpool

A major driving lesson company has announced a big change for learner drivers in Liverpool.

The AA Driving School has confirmed that it will begin teaching aspiring motorists electric cars across the region.

Acting Chief Executive Mark Oakley said: “We are really excited to be introducing electric vehicles (EVs) to our fleet.

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“We spoke to our instructors for a little while and were delighted to see how positive they are about the change, after a successful EV trial last year.

“Our rollout of electric vehicles will kick off with three premium models from Peugeot and Vauxhall and we hope to expand our offering in the coming months.

“We are fully committed to bringing lessons from EV to the whole of the UK and transforming our environmental impact over the coming years.”

Because electric cars are automatic, driving lessons will follow the same format as conventionally fueled automatic vehicles, meaning learners won’t learn how to change gears.

However, they will become familiar with areas specific to electric vehicles such as charging, battery life and dashboard symbols.

As all electric vehicles are automatic, applicants will have to pass an automatic driving test and therefore cannot drive a manual car.

The trial is also being rolled out in London and Cardiff and the AA chairman said the update reflects “the changing world of cars”.

Edmund King added: “A revolution is approaching and young people are beginning to see that the 2030 deadline banning new petrol and diesel cars is really not far away.

“There is a growing recognition that you don’t have to learn how to shift gears.

“In the very near future, you will only have to drive an automatic, because all electric vehicles are automatic.”

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