Driving lesson

Louisville high schoolers get a realistic lesson in drunk driving

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Students at Assumption High School were able to experience the effects of drunk driving through a simulation Friday.

Louisville first responders and AHS students staged a fatal accident caused by drunk driving. Meg Ralston was the actress who played the victim during the simulation.

“Laying there without being able to help or hear every knock on the door really brought me to the reality of what it would be like,” she said.

For Theresa Martinez, the simulation was once a reality when her daughter Ashley Martinez was killed by a drunk driver on April 29, 2012. She described her daughter as outgoing and bubbly.

For the past 10 years, Martinez has turned her pain into a lesson for students by volunteering for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and sharing Ashley’s story. She wants to raise awareness and remind students that drunk driving is 100% preventable.

“You can call Uber, you can use designated drivers,” she said. “Never be afraid that you won’t be able to call your parents, grandparents or loved ones to pick you up,” she advised.

Ralston said hearing Ashley’s story was impactful, but seeing it made the message even harder.

“I walk away understanding one – what victims’ families go through every time they have someone who has been run over by a drunk driver,” she said. “And also, be more strict and tough on others who say ‘oh, I only had one drink. No, you’re going to be driving under the influence, have a sober driver.

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