Driving lesson

Jennifer Garner attends a driving lesson with her daughter Violet Affleck.

Family of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner – On November 28, 2021, Jennifer Garner is pictured with her daughter Violet Affleck during the teenager’s driving class in California.

Violet’s mother and daughter were casually dressed as they chatted with her instructor already when Violet got into a car.

The Affleck girl is the new Jennifer Garner! As she exited a vehicle and helped her siblings and mother unload their belongings, the 16-year-old appeared to be an adult.

Violet Affleck has matured! The 16-year-old is an exact replica of her mother, Jennifer Garner, 49, to the point that they could be sisters.

Violet was seen returning to Los Angeles with her mother on Saturday January 1 after spending the vacation with her siblings Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9.

The girl was seen unloading the car with her mother, carrying and moving various sports bags they had brought on vacation.

Violet has already spent some quality time with both parents over the holidays, and she was spotted with her father, Ben Affleck, 49, on December 23.

After a visit, the young teen was saying goodbye to her grandmother (and Ben’s mother), Chris Anne Boldt, in the driveway of Ben’s Pacific Palisades home.

Violet once again stood out in a pair of black opaque tights, a floral dress and western-style leather ankle boots.

Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck take driving lessons


Chris kindly hugged his son and granddaughter less than a week after he stuffed his suitcase in the trunk of a car and left, apparently to go home!

Garner opted to wear blue skinny jeans with a gray sweater with a rainbow pattern on the front and sleeves.

She completed her look with a lilac beanie, black sneakers and her signature glasses while protecting herself with a black face mask due to COVID-19.

She was seen looking at her cell phone at one point, possibly to find out the time or to answer messages.

Jennifer Garner, her mother, wore a pair of Mother denim stockings in a similar style.

She also stayed warm in a sweater, opting for a navy turtleneck with white and baby blue details.

She completed her look with a gold necklace, bold black glasses and feather leather boots.

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