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Janelle Brown immediately botches Savanah’s driving lesson

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown immediately botches Savanah’s driving lesson. Fans take to the comments section to debate where your hands should be on the wheel while driving. Read on to find out more.

Janelle Brown immediately botches Savanah’s driving lesson

Janelle Brown takes to her Instagram to share with fans that her daughter, Savanah, drives. The photo is taken from the passenger seat. Fans see Savanah with both hands on the wheel of a Lexus looking straight ahead. Her proud mother simply captions the photo with “Driving lessons 😉”.

16-year-old Savanah Brown is polygamist Kody Brown’s twelfth child. She is the sixth for his father and his third wife, Janelle. Understandably, given that Savanah is Janelle’s youngest, it only makes sense that Janelle would feel a little sentimental about her baby learning to drive.

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Fans raise concerns

In the comments section, fans raise concerns about Savanah’s hand placement on the steering wheel. It all starts when a fan comments on the following. “Don’t your hands suppose [sic] to be at 10 and 2? In response, another fan wrote, “It’s 9 and 3 now.”

In the exchange, fans share the reasoning. “10 and 2 will give you black eyes if your airbag deploys. Then it appears the original commentator is from Canada. They write: “hmm ok, the last time I heard in Canada it was 10 and 2”. In the end, the original commentator is looking for it and it’s 10 and 3 in Canada too.

Savanah Brown leads the integration
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Fans also share their rookie pilot stories

All riding techniques aside, other fans are heading to the comments section to share their novice rider stories.

“My dad came out of the house with a football helmet on for my first driving lesson with him. It made me laugh. “

“I had to leave this to my husband. I always panicked for nothing and made a nervous wreck out of it.

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Other fans can’t believe Savanah is old enough to drive. They have the impression that yesterday, the youngest of Janelle Brown was five years old.

Are you surprised Savanah Brown is old enough to drive? Do you think Kody will help him teach him to drive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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