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Is driving too slow in the passing lane illegal in Maine?

We have all been there. Traveling along the highway, passing a few cars here and there and suddenly everything gets a bit crowded. Those hours of training you went through in driving school tell you to move into the left lane and pass the cars that are slowing down the game. To your surprise, the left lane is occupied by someone who drives as slowly as the person in the right lane. Frustrating, yes. But is it really illegal in Maine?

It is illegal in Maine to use the left lane for anything other than passing

According to the Bangor Daily News, Maine is one of only 11 states in the country to have a law on the books that prohibits the use of the left lane if it does not agree to pass another vehicle or move for vehicles attempting to merge on a highway. or interstate.

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Can you really be arrested for driving in the passing lane?

Yes. While it’s not common to be pulled over for driving in the passing lane, it absolutely does happen. As Maine’s highways and highways get busier, frustration grows for drivers who camp in the left lane to avoid back and forth. In other states like Tennessee, they have enacted a “slowpoke” law that could impose a $500 fine on drivers who drive excessively in the left lane.

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Are there any provisions regarding the law on overtaking lanes?

Yes. The left lane used exclusively for overtaking only applies to multi-lane roads, freeways, secondary lanes and highways where the speed limit is at least 65 miles per hour. Parts of the Maine Turnpike have a lower speed limit of 65, which means the left lane can be used as a traffic lane if the freeway is congested.

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