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Irish holidaymakers have warned that wearing these shoes while driving abroad can land you a €200 fine

As summer is fast approaching, so is the holiday season.

After two years of Covid-related travel restrictions, Irish people can finally fly to our favorite European destinations.

Before you start loading the car onto the ferry, there are a few driving rules worth knowing.

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From flip flops to wearing a shirt, Chill Insurance has compiled a list for vacationers so there are fewer fines and more fun.

1. In Italy and Spain you must have your headlights on at all times

When driving on the streets of Italy and Spain, you should always have your low beams on and, of course, your high beams in the dark.

Regardless of brightness and sunlight, you’ll need your lights on.

2. No driving in flip flops in Spain

It is best to keep a spare pair of shoes in the car when driving in Spain.

Otherwise, you could be fined up to €200 if they are deemed to have an impact on your grip on the pedals by the Civil Guard.

Large group of tourists sunbathing and swimming at Comte beaches.

3. No children at the front in France

This law could cause one less hassle because children under ten are not allowed to sit in the front passenger seat in France.

Regardless of height, any child 9 years of age or younger must sit in the back of the vehicle.

4. No running out of gas on the autobahn in Germany

It may sound strange but the famous highway has very high speed limits, so it is illegal to run out of gas on this highway for safety reasons.

You are not allowed to stop for any reason other than an emergency.

So, make sure your tank is full, then go for it.

5. Shirts must be worn in Spain

No shoes, no shirt and you risk a €100 fine.

No matter how hot it gets, just turn up the air conditioning and keep your shirt on.

This is due to injuries that can occur to the driver if the seat belt is needed in an emergency or if you get sunburned, which affects the ability to drive safely.

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