Driving lesson

Indianapolis woman fatally punched someone as she was returning from the airport

INDIANAPOLIS — Court documents reveal a woman returning home after dropping her sister off at the airport ran over Carol Miller, 59, resulting in her untimely death.

Court documents detail what police discovered about the 7100 Block East Troy Avenue hit-and-run that occurred on March 18. The day proved dangerous, with five people killed in separate incidents.

In the 7100 block of East Troy Avenue with a hit and run, officers arrived to find Miller unresponsive. She died at the scene. Police were able to identify a suspicious vehicle in the case.

In court documents, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says a detective found the vehicle near the intersection of Fox Glen Drive and Copper Hill Drive. The parts recovered on site correspond to the vehicle.

When a tow truck arrived to take the vehicle for further investigation, the court document says a woman named Michaela Voyles came out to ask what was going on. When police asked her if she knew about the crash, she reportedly denied knowing anything.

Michaela’s mother also approached the scene. That’s when the court document says Voyles told his mother, “Mom, they’re about to lock me up.”

The police and the two women went to Voyles’ mother’s home to talk about what was happening. After learning that she had run over someone and that person had died, Voyles told her story to the police.

Voyles dropped her sister off at the airport early that morning. On the way home, she got off Southeastern Avenue. The court document says she claimed she didn’t know she hit someone.

Police were able to confirm that Voyles dropped someone off at the airport. His sister’s social media photos also confirmed this story.

The court document says a witness in the case told police that the vehicle Voyles was driving weaved through traffic erratically. The driver approached the witness quickly, trying to pass him several times.

Eventually, according to the court document, the driver drove around the witness as he began to turn onto East Troy Avenue. The witness saw a woman walking and the driver hit the pedestrian at high speed before continuing without stopping.

Voyles was charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death or catastrophic injury. A first hearing in the case took place on Monday. A bail review hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

The morning of Miller’s death also saw two other fatal hit-and-run accidents around Indianapolis.

Chris Seiler was found seriously injured on the same stretch of Troy the same morning. Seiler died four days later in hospital. William Dixon has been charged in connection with the death.

“If you cause an accident, you have to stop. Obviously, it’s the right thing to do,” said Charles Miller.

Carol Miller’s son just wishes drivers were more careful behind the wheel.

“Don’t get tunnel vision. You need to stay aware of your surroundings, not just people walking, but other drivers as well,” Miller said.

“The law wants you to pull over and turn in the air because you could potentially save someone’s life,” Marion County District Attorney Ryan Mears said.

Mears hopes the charges will serve as a lesson to drivers around the world.

He also hopes someone will speak up to help solve the third death the same morning on East 21st Street, where 7-year-old Sevion Sanford died after being hit by two cars near his bus stop.

No arrests have been made in this case.

“I hope people are morally motivated to do the right thing and help out,” Mears said. “We understand that traffic accidents happen. It’s a civil matter. It’s not a criminal matter. What is 100% of the time a criminal problem is when people leave the scene of an accident,” Mears said.

Anyone with information about Sanford’s death is still urged to contact IMPD or Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.