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IMPD Northern District cracks down on reckless driving

INDIANAPOLIS — Drivers behind the wheel will likely see more IMPD officers on the North Side in the coming days. The ministry plans to crack down on drivers who break the law.

Speed ​​is a major concern in many areas. Speeding leads to complaints to the IMPD.

“We know tragedy can happen when we ignore those stop signs and reckless driving,” said Cmdr. said Michael Wolley. “What is it that our officers are coming out and trying to prevent this from happening.”

The WISP North District took to Facebook on Tuesday, saying in part, “(we) have received numerous complaints about speeding and not obeying stop signs, traffic lights and passing traffic. school buses”. Assuring the community that they are out and will issue citations.

“Generally, what happens in these situations, officers will go to community meetings,” Wolley said. “Based on the information and insights they gather from these meetings, they have just put a plan in place, and to the extent staff will allow, we will be auditing these locations to reduce traffic complaints. “

“Some of the reckless driving, stop signs are a bit confusing in that area,” Grazioli said.

Grazioli said the extra patrol meant a lot because she, her daughter and her dog were out walking in the area a lot.

“It’s important because a lot of us have kids and dogs,” Grazioli said.

She said she always walks with her daughter and her dog and appreciates WISP’s proactive measures.

“It’s a very popular time around rush hour,” Grazioli said. “Everybody’s coming home, and everybody’s coming home for people to walk around. So I just want everybody to be safe.”

In the Facebook post, WISP Northern District said officers “arrested multiple people on College Avenue and Meridian Street for speeding/overtaking and overtaking a school bus.”

Wolley said traffic is the number one complaint in all districts, and IMPD is trying to focus on stopping reckless driving.

“It’s easy to get distracted by cell phones and technology, or maybe you’re unfamiliar with the area. But everyone knows how to drive, and we’re just asking people to share the roads in a way responsible,” Wolley said.