Driving lesson

I take directions on the driving lesson of Maris Racal and Rico Blanco

“Baka bad idea ‘to,” Maris Racal says at the start of her new vlog posted on February 5. Her boyfriend Rico Blanco (still not on that tandem btw) debuts on his vlog channel on the video, with him refreshing his racing skills.

Racal would like to point out that she Is know how to drive; she hasn’t done it for a while. She even points out that she learned to drive along the EDSA and drove to the ABS-CBN office.

Yet anxiety is real once she takes control of the car and she has to make turns, dodge other cars and drive on a slope. You hear her screaming and gesturing maniacally at her ever-patient boyfriend throughout the video. “Baby, baka Hindi ako meant magic pilot,” Racal told Blanco. Same.

Unlike Racal, I have no driving experience – unless you count all the times I started my mom’s car myself so I could hang around in it to avoid other people, that which I think should count for something – but I can one day, so I took notes.

1. Know the different controls and dohickeys of your car.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but some of the most anxiety-inducing moments are the split seconds when dealing with which element to push or nudge or turn and why.

2. Don’t be afraid of other cars.

I’m not saying you should be reckless and ignore it, but it seems like focusing too much on other cars can increase your anxiety. In the video, it is clear that this was hampering Racal’s ability to drive – she was driving almost in the middle of the road because she was afraid of hitting the expensive cars parked around her. As someone with generalized anxiety, I can relate.

3. Take it easy.

“Dahan-dahan lang,” Blanco says repeatedly throughout the video to calm Racal down. Not everyone has a calm, patient boyfriend with a soothing voice to guide them through stressful driving, but we can be our own calm, patient boyfriend and remind ourselves to take things slowly.

4. Focus on the important things.

It’s something Blanco says to Racal when she starts hyperfixing the face she makes while spinning. Who cares if you make a silly face? As long as you focus and make that turn, you’re all Gucci.

5. Take refreshments.

It’s good to do what Racal did and ask for help and brush up on your skills. You may think you’re a driving god, but it doesn’t hurt to be a safe, responsible driver and try to learn how to be better.

Photo taken from the vlog “rico blanco teaches me to drive (again)” by Maris Racal

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