Driving lesson

Hallettsville students learn valuable lessons about driving under the influence

Celebrations are part of the high school experience and the dangers of unnecessary distractions. Lavaca County officials are using technology to teach a lesson that could save lives.

Hallettsville, Texas — People with Live Tours stopped by Hallettsville High School with a real driving simulator on Wednesday.
This advanced technology allowed students to get behind the wheel and experience what it would be like to drive under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and even texting while driving. At the end of the simulation, students received a citation, with actual fine amounts and legal ramifications listed.

Hallettsville ISD officials say hearing stories is one thing, but seeing what might happen makes quite an impression.

“It’s something they need to know. I feel like they don’t know they’re drunk when they’re driving, and it shows them what it could be like. is just important for them to see,” said Tobi Appelt and Kristina Herring Hallettsville ISD Nurses.

In addition to the simulator, local law enforcement officials. The folks at Arrive Alive credit this program with helping save lives every spring break, prom, and graduation.