Driving assessment

Fines 4/14/22 – Jackson County Driver

state of minnesota
Andre, Sivi J., Grand Forks, ND, Speed ​​$140.00, No Minnesota driver’s license $100.00
Banda, Eduardo, San Benito, TX, Speed ​​$150.00
Beltrand, Grace M., Delano, Speed ​​$150.00
Cema Davila, Joel E., Worthington, Speed ​​$290.00, Window tint (less than 50% light transmission) $50.00
Cordoba, Dulce Rubi M., Slayton, Speed ​​$130.00
Crissinger, Adam P., Alpha, Speed ​​$140.00
Davis, Lashond W., Hopkins, Speed ​​$140.00
Entinger, Terry L., Worthington, Seat belt required – driver and passengers must use $115.00, Expired registration $30.00, Owner uninsured $200.00
Fest, Eli M., Heron Lake, Failure to use designated lane $140.00
Henricksen, Jared J., Adrian, Speed ​​$150.00
Jackson, Brandon J., Merrill, Iowa, Hands Free Act – engage in cell phone or video call $140.00
Jorgensen, Luke S., Manila, Iowa, Speed ​​$150.00
Malik, Liaquat N., Spearfish, SD, Speed ​​$140.00
Matson, James M., Prescott, Wis., Speed ​​$140.00
Pena, Teddi A., Longmont, Colorado, Speed ​​$230.00
Pham, Trillion N., Honolulu, Hawaii, Speed ​​$150.00
Plaza Ruiz, Flavia B., Heron Lake, no Minnesota driver’s license (after 60 days residency/30 days CDL) $190.00
Rodney, Stephen N., Jacksonville, NC, Speed ​​$150.00
Rushford, Frederick C., Elkhart, Ind., Oversized Load Escort Driver Operating Without Certificate $190.00
Sebastian Ramos, Persida R., Worthington, Conduct After Cancellation $290.00
Suresh, Anoop, Omaha, Neb., Speed ​​$150.00
Tuck, Vance A., Minneapolis, Speed ​​$230.00
Ventura Martin, Jessica S., Worthington, Duty to Drive Carefully $130.00
Yukhimchuk, Leonid A., Ramsey, Illegal Use of Bright Lights $140.00
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
Agustin Perez, Wilson I., Worthington, Driving without mention of valid license for vehicle driven $190.00
Berens, Dustin J., Lakefield, Disorderly Conduct – Offensive/abusive/turbulent/loud/obscene $540.00. Credit for time spent: 4 days. Complete chemical evaluation. Follow the recommendations of the evaluation. No consumption of alcohol or controlled substances except prescribed medication. Random testing. Domestic violence assessment, inventory, being honest and truthful in all responses. Anger management. Stay abiding by the law. Obey all federal and state criminal laws. Contact your probation officer as instructed. Tell your probation officer within 72 hours if you have contact with law enforcement, if you are charged with a new crime, if you change your address, job or phone number. Cooperate in the search for your person, residence, vehicle, workplace, possessions and things as directed by your probation officer. Sign directed information releases.
Ellis, Ladariel Q., Roseville, Possess/Sell Small Amount of Marijuana – No Remuneration $140.00
Leighty, Lori B., Jackson, Speed ​​$150.00
Salmon-Thole, Daniel J., Jackson, Driving without a valid license to operate a vehicle $190.00
Lakefield Police Department
Hall, Brady T., Lakefield, Disorderly Conduct – Abusive/abusive/turbulent/loud/obscene $315.00
Huls, Shawn W., Lakefield, driver does not stop at STOP sign $140.00

state of minnesota
Berrios, Daniel A., Jordan, Speed ​​$290.00
Honey, Amanda A., Lakefield, Speed ​​$140.00
Davis, Terrell P. Minneapolis, speed $140.00
Foote, Hunter J., Worthington, Speed ​​$130.00
Grabau, Quincy A., Lakeville, Speed ​​$130.00
Hernandez Matias, Edwin, Worthington, Speed ​​$150.00
Kellogg, Isaac A., Brandon, SD, Speed ​​$150.00
Kordosky, Zachary E., White Bear Lake, speed $140.00, dangerous course change $50.00
Krivolavy, Josie S., Inver Grove Heights, driving after revocation $290.00, car insurance without proof $200.00
Kurapati, Murali K., Seattle, Speed ​​$390.00
Lamdak, Shengun P., Mankato, Speed ​​$140.00
Meuangkhoth, Alex, Worthington, Conduct After Revocation $240.00
Naranjo Romero, Marco A., Spring Lake Park, speed $140.00
Negash, Martha T., Sioux Falls, SD, Speed ​​$150.00
Rush, Roscoe T., Lone Tree, Colorado, Speed ​​$150.00
Sargent, Cody R., Windom, Speed ​​$150.00
Tipton, Mary J., Box Elder, SD, Speed ​​$150.00
Turner, Mylisha L., Jackson, Driving after suspension, No owner insurance, Failure to issue title, Vehicle registration required, $720.00
Wetz, Grant J., Dakota Dunes, SD, Speed ​​$140.00
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
Blanco Dubon, German, Faribault, Driving without a valid license for the class or type of vehicle $190.00, Speeding $60.00
Freitag, Brandon L., Jackson, drive any vehicle carelessly on the street or highway $390.00
Garcia, Alexander R., Jackson, Speed ​​$130.00
Mathwig, Dale A., Dunnell, Driving After Suspension $290.00
Miller, Rodnee J., Chicago, Illinois, driving without valid license for class or type of vehicle $190.00
Lake Heron Police Department
Fleury, Jordan George E., Heron Lake, reckless driving $190.00
Kilker, Darin E., Lake Heron, public nuisance $120.00