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Ex-Miss Liverpool avoids driving ban because she has no insurance

A former Miss Liverpool escaped a possible driving ban after being caught without insurance.

Faye Ayres, who also starred in Hollyoaks, was disqualified as part of the totaling proceedings after she was caught driving her Audi without insurance. Ayres, 28, claimed his insurance was withdrawn without his knowledge after he failed to spot an email asking him to send a copy of his driver’s license. She was spared a ban after successfully pleading ‘exceptional hardship’, telling the court she needed her car to drive her daughter, reports the Manchester Evening News.

She claimed she couldn’t take her four-year-old daughter on the bus because she has audism. Appearing at Sefton Magistrates’ Court, Ayres broke down in tears as she told the hearing how the young child would struggle to wear clothes in public unless it was her school uniform. She also said her daughter would also be likely to “disappear” when she was away due to her hyperactivity.

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Addressing the court, Aryes, from Baroncroft Road in Liverpool, said: “I can’t really describe the situation as it is really bad. She has been diagnosed with autism, learning difficulties and ADHD. But I think there’s something else because she I don’t know what it is – I don’t know if it’s more than autism I didn’t think anyone else could cope with what I do on a daily basis.”

“I can’t take my eyes off her. I like to take her to extracurricular events and my car means we have the freedom to go out. We can’t go to the local playground because she disappears, but she likes to drive. She likes to look around and I feel safe when I’m in the car with her.”

Previously, Ayres, who has previously contested the title of Miss England, said she suffered from dyslexia and had not spotted an email from her insurance company asking for a copy of her driving licence. Her insurance was later withdrawn when she failed to provide the company with a copy of her license.

Ayres said she takes her daughter to a school for children with special educational needs three days a week, with the school providing transportation on other days. She was arrested on September 21 last year while driving her black Audi S Line through the village of Sefton.

Ayers admitted driving without insurance and was fined £120, with £144 in costs and victim fine surcharges. She got six points on her license, bringing the total to 12. She was allowed to keep her license.

“The bar is very high with exceptional difficulty,” said bench chairman Brian Wilson.

“We expect people to be inconvenienced because they have lost their licence. However, we have decided on this occasion that you have reached this high standard. We are not going to disqualify you from driving today.

“We believe the impact to your daughter’s safety and well-being would be too high a price to pay. You have to attend hospital appointments. We note that she could not bear public transport and therefore know that it would be very difficult for her.

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