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Eight Weird Driving Laws You’ve Never Heard Of

Strange laws from around the world

Although most driving laws are designed with your safety in mind, some are just plain confusing, especially abroad. Driving on the other side of the road has nothing to do with these weird regulations! But who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy a few and wish they were implemented here in the UK. From coast to coast and around the world, here are some of the world’s weirdest driving laws.

Do you feel too lazy to wash your car? Washing your car on the street can lead to a fine in France and Switzerland, while a dirty car can lead to a fine of up to 2,000 rubles in Russia!

It doesn’t matter if you were unfairly cut or almost swept away by the vehicle next to you. You better keep your cool and your harsh words to yourself in Rockville, Maryland, USA because publicly cursing is illegal there. If you are caught shouting chosen words out the window, you could be fined up to $100.

Forget driving through the driveway and snacking on fries on your way home from work in Cyprus, as it is illegal to eat or drink anything while driving. Sneaking a snack could cost you a hefty fine, and that even includes sipping water!

In the United States, hunters often hide in brush and behind fences to spot prey, but they cannot shoot from their vehicles in California and Tennessee. In both states it’s a crime to shoot an animal from your car, although for some odd reason whales are a notable exception to the rule, although that’s probably not too much of a concern in the landlocked state. of Tennessee.

Drunk driving is illegal in many places around the world, and for good reason, as mentioned earlier. However, in Japan it is also illegal to be a passenger in a car when the driver is drunk. Even if you’re 100% sober, you could face legal trouble if you ride with a drunk driver.

Why someone would tie a dog to the roof of a car is a mystery in itself, but in Alaska it’s also illegal. However, the back of a van is still considered perfect for transporting dogs, which one would have thought potentially more dangerous than being inside a vehicle!

Before you even drive and hit the highways with all those possible crimes, if you’re still looking to pass your driving test in the easiest way possible, you better head to Mexico. Getting behind the wheel there is incredibly easy for a number of reasons. First, in much of the country you are not legally required to pass a practical test to get a license, just a theory test. Also, before 2018, there was no testing. Another reason is that you can legally drive at 15 in Mexico, which is younger than the majority of countries (which won’t let you drive until you’re 18).

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