Driving instructors

Driving schools in the Toledo region online

As more and more people get their driver’s license online, they face a shortage of instructors willing to get them out on the road.

TOLEDO, Ohio – You may remember that anticipation of waiting to get your driver’s license.

There were lessons, followed by time behind the wheel with a driving instructor. But now, technology allows potential drivers to take their courses online.

The online option has brought out more hopeful drivers than there are instructors available to teach them. It’s a problem that’s only getting worse as the end of the school year approaches, as the number of students trying to get their driver’s license increases.

“I don’t want these kids to be on a waiting list and lose the information they learned in class. Keeping students in class prepared and ready is a better way to retain that information,” said the founder of 419 Driver Education said Amanda Trala.

Trala established the driving school in 2021 with the aim of giving children a hands-on education without having to wait weeks for the opportunity.

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Through its program, children can quickly complete online classroom instruction before being put on a waitlist for driving time.

“We’re going to start seeing an influx of online students. So online students can start the process at home,” Trala said.

With 419 Driver Education, children who start in March finish in April.

“Kids online can show up any day at any time. One day you might have four calling you or you might go an entire week with none calling you,” Trala said.

She said the key to getting things done in a timely manner is having enough instructors.

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“As we grow, we add more instructors and we can add more students to our roster,” Trala said.

There is a need for more driving instructors. If you are interested, go to state website to become certified.