Driving instructors

Driving school instructors fear discolored road markings are a safety concern

Road markings at several critical junctions in West Cork are discolored and have almost disappeared, putting the lives of drivers at risk, according to an adviser.

Cllr Joe Carroll (FF), who previously asked Cork County Council to purchase their own line marking equipment for roads and junctions, said The south star that there are junctions across West Cork in urgent need of relining and he also highlighted the recent theft of STOP signs as a cause for concern.

“We have to rely on two entrepreneurs who come from Tipperary,” said Cllr Carroll. “A few years ago I tabled a motion asking Cork County Council to get their own equipment so line marking can be done on a regular basis instead of relying on these contractors. However, the bosses said it would not be cost effective and they would need more staff.

Driving school instructors are also He claimed the discolored signs were an obstacle to getting novice drivers to take driving lessons, while other motorists rely on their prior knowledge to stop at certain intersections, he said.

Cllr Carroll said novice drivers would be watching these line brands, only to find that they are all but gone. “I can think of lots of places across West Cork where you drive to junctions and the road markings are gone. These marks are placed there for a specific purpose and it is not enough that they are almost faded. ‘

Cllr Carroll suggested Cork County Council could team up with neighboring local authorities to purchase their own coating equipment.

Cork County Council had its own marking machine over 20 years ago but, according to Managing Director Tim Lucey, at the time they were seen as “unprofitable”.

A council spokesperson said road markings are mostly seasonal and highly dependent on weather conditions.

“If the local authorities had a road marking team, all counties and even municipal districts would be looking for teams at the same time.”

At the same time, there have been criticisms that the ground markings that were made at Lough Hyne parking lot in August have already disappeared, following resurfacing of the parking lot in recent weeks.

A frustrated local who contacted The south star said they couldn’t figure out why the lines were marked if they knew the area had to be redone within weeks and said it was a complete “waste of money”.

In response, the council said: “Cork County Council can confirm that the line marking was done about a month ago in the Lough Hyne area to create an orderly parking system.

“Part of the surfacing then failed due to damage to the parking lot surface caused by the exceptionally high tides in September. The car park has been paved and dressed to repair the damage and the marking will be completed on the unmarked area. ‘